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Sometimes the smallest thing can make the biggest changes of all

I'm pretty much a run of the mill customizer trying to show what I can do. I hail from Tempe AZ. My talent in customizing Transformers opened in 2008 and I've been working at it since then getting better with each one I complete. I don't claim to be the best there is, but I'm certainly one of a kind as my girlfriend told me. Myself and my mascot Starscream, whom you can see combined with Jazz in my logo, do revews on youtube, a podcast, gaming videos and overall have fun. hat's why I do this n the first place. I just thought I'd try o make a quick buck off it. You can see what I'm currently working on on the homepage. As of this writing my wip (work in progress) is Necrowave, a custom I'm doing for a friend with Prid Soundwave. I'm doing all of this with said friend. We hope to give you the best quality we can.